• OS X how download vers 1.1 mocha keyboard

    Mocha Keyboard

    Mocha Keyboard, Desktop, MochaSoft Aps., Utilities, 13107 KB


    Mocha keyboard turns your Mac computer into a cable free Bluetooth keyboard, which can be used with a phone or tablet. Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices are supported. Save time and type much faster. Use text from the Mac clipboard, or type text direct to your phone from your large Mac keyboard. The text will appear without delay on your phone. - Write SMS, Twitter or any text faster on the phone. - Can handle any number of devices. Just select another device from the easy to use menu bar. - Copy text from a Mac document to the device, using the clipboard copy/paste functions. - Use special keys on your iOS/Android device, such as ctrl+c and command+c. - Any keyboard language is supported. Just make sure to use the same language settings on the Mac and the phone.

    Recomended! version MOCHA-KEYBOARD-V.1.3-A9D.TAR.GZ {10616 KB}
    iMac Pro 3.1.Mocha.Keyboard.Ji0jX.zip {13631 KB}
    Updated MacOS LF9K_MOCHA_KEYBOARD_1.2.TAR.GZ {13762 KB}
    New for High Sierra mocha-keyboard-vers-1.5-sx8hcj.tar.gz {14548 KB}
    Featured 10.11.6 Mocha-Keyboard-ver.-1.4-swTqY.app {14417 KB}
    Recomended El Captan Mocha_Keyboard_ver_2.1_Sroa.dmg {15335 KB}

    MochaSoft Aps.
    Official: http://www.mochasoft.dk/mochakeyboard.htm
    Key list 1.1 Mocha Keyboard

    Version MacBook Air 9JB_2.2.4_MACPOD.PKG (8499 kbytes) 2.0.5
    Version to OS X VER.1.1.WING.COMMANDER:.PRIVATEER.P00NR.DMG (63897 kbytes) 2.0

    {13631 kbytes} Get vers.1.4 Mocha Keyboard DSMJ 3.1 Featured OS X
    {11534 kbytes} Download MOCHA KEYBOARD 1.3 ZTSXV 1.2 Updated for MacBook Pro
    {12058 kbytes} Download 1.2 MOCHA KEYBOARD IHWM 3.1 Recomended! version
    {15204 kbytes} fZFdK v 3.1 Mocha Keyboard 1.5 on Mojave

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